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About Us

24 Hour Turnaround! 

We offer both Pneumatic and Thermal cleaning for your DPF filter. 
We also pneumatically clean your DOC filters!
Our cleaning process includes The Donaldson Pulse Machine, a custom made "Blow-out Box" and a Filtertherm Oven. 
Pneumatic Cleaning Process:

Step 1: Visual inspection


Step 2: Pre-Clean weight


Step 3: Air-flow test


Step 4: Donaldson Pulse Cleaning


Step 5: Blow-out box Cleaning


Step 6: Air-flow test


Step 7: Post-clean weight


One Day Service! 

Thermal Cleaning Process:

Step 1: Visual inspection


Step 2: Pre-Clean weight


Step 3: Air-flow test


Step 4: Blow-out box Cleaning 


Step 5: Filtertherm Oven Cleanin


Step 6: Donaldson Pulse Cleaning 


Step 7: Air-flow test


Step 8: Post-clean weight


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